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Electrical banding tape, including all the insulation fibre, is applied in the banding of electrical wires in the equipment, such as motors, transformers, etc. E-glass insulation tape, cotton tape and polyester tape are common in our daily life.


Abrasion performance, heat resistance, insulation

It is woven with alkali-free glass fiber (E glass fiber, alkali metal oxide content, the current domestic regulation is not more than 0.5%). It is mainly based on shuttleless woven fabrics. According to the fabric structure, it can be divided into plain weave and twill weave.

The appearance is white and smooth, no damage, uniform fabric, good insulation performance, strong tensile force, no wrinkles and breaks, vulcanization resistance, smoke-free, halogen-free, non-toxic, and non-combustible with pure oxygen. High temperature resistance, good insulation, corrosion resistance, low moisture absorption, strong tensile strength. It is suitable for wrapping flame-retardant cables and binding various coils of motors and electrical appliances.