Polyimide film
Brand:JiZhou| Model:6051
Sort:Polyester film series

Product Details

Polyimide film/insulating paper/gold paper/high temperature film

product description:

1. Overview of polyimide film products

Scope of application: The polyimide film is produced by the "salivation method", which has high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and excellent dielectric properties. Suitable for electrical insulation materials for H-class motors, electrical appliances and other purposes.

2. Polyimide film product characteristics

(1). The polyimide film should be rolled on the tube core and supplied in rolls, and each roll should be packaged and sealed in a plastic bag and placed in a dry and clean box.

(2). The polyimide film should be stored dry and clean

Indoors, the storage period is two years from the date of leaving the factory. Exceeding the storage period, check according to the standard, and the qualified ones can be used.

3. Polyimide film technical requirements

(1). Appearance: The surface of the polyimide film is smooth and clean. There should be no defects such as wrinkles, tears, particles, bubbles, and foreign impurities, and the edges are neat and undamaged. The film is supplied in rolls.

(2). Size: thickness and allowable deviation: recommended thickness can also be supplied according to user requirements