Brand:JiZhou| Model:6644
Sort:Soft Flexible composites
Use specifications:0.13~0.45mm
Colour:green Blue

Product Details

Product profile:

Jizhou insulation flexible composites are mainly used in motors,

pump,transformers,as slot insulation. 


Soft flexible composite material are combined from multi-layer flexible insulation materials, such as Nomex paper, non-woven fabric, insulation paper, PET film, polyimide film, fiberglass cloth etc, which integrates characteristics of different material.

Main application:

Soft composite material is widely used in the motors, generators, transformers and other electric appliances.

DM is a two-layer composite insulating paper, polyester film and polyester fiber non-woven fabric, one side is rough and the other side is shiny;

1 meter in width;

Temperature resistance   F grade 155 degrees

Color: green, blue