Green composite whole roll
Brand:Jizhou| Model:6520
Sort:Soft Flexible composites
Use specifications:0.1~0.40mm

Product Details

Product profile:

Jizhou insulation flexible composites are mainly used in motors,

pump,transformers,as slot insulation. 


Soft flexible composite material are combined from multi-layer flexible insulation materials, such as Nomex paper, non-woven fabric, insulation paper, PET film, polyimide film, fiberglass cloth etc, which integrates characteristics of different material.

Main application:

Soft composite material is widely used in the motors, generators, transformers and other electric appliances.

6520/6521 High temperature resistant high-temperature insulation highland barley paper/green shell paper/electrical insulation material

Product Features:

The polyester film is high-temperature green-shell paper, which is a paper product processed by fluoroplastics. The surface color is blue-black, with strong tensile strength, vertical and horizontal bending, temperature resistance at 130℃, voltage resistance 4000 volts,

Non-foaming, non-flowing glue, suitable for insulation protection of electrical appliances, enameled wires and transformers. Features: Good insulation, flexibility, water resistance, abrasion resistance, grease resistance, aging resistance, and a good gap blocking material.

Product color: cyan, blue, natural color (6521)

Thickness and tolerance:

0.15mm±0.02, 0.18mm±0.02

0.20mm±0.02, 0.25mm±0.02


0.40mm±0.03, 0.45mm±0.03

Standard width: 1000mm ±10

Heat resistance grade: B(130℃)

Application scope:

Generally used in electromechanical products. It is mostly used as a spacer in the joining of hard metal parts.

For example, use screws to fasten the wing and head of a household ceiling fan with a layer of green paper.

A green shell paper is sandwiched between the main shaft pressing ring of the lathe and the gear box.

Product customization: According to customer needs, the product can be slit into different widths of 8mm-1000mm, and the slitting cost is extra. The minimum order quantity for slitting is 70 kg.